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Advice for parents

It is hard to imagine something more upsetting than seeing your child struggle to fit in. Most parents struggle to understand why something that comes so easily to most kids, evades theirs. The answer to that question, and many others, is in this category. By the way, you should also check out our tips for teens. It has tips, strategies, and advice that you can use to help your child—no matter his age.

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What are Social Skills?

If you want to know what social skills really are, and why they are so important, go here.

Social Skills Milestones ages 1-14.

These are some of the most important social milestones your child should be reaching between the ages of one and fourteen.

Get our Help

If your child is struggling socially, we can help. Check here for more information.

4 Holiday Traditions with Major Social Lessons

In the blink of an eye, it’s holiday time again. As we all bundle up to face the December chill, families everywhere have got the holidays on their minds. For many of us, that means hot chocolate, plenty of sweets, and of course, hours spent scouring the mall or the internet in order to find [...]

Using Outdoor Play to Build Social Skills

Slowly but surely, it’s starting to feel like spring. After a particularly snowy winter, we’ve all gotten used to being cooped up inside. Many children have grown accustomed to spending weekends playing video games, watching movies, or finding other ways to stay entertained in the house. But now that things are starting to warm up, [...]

Children’s Books With Social Lessons

The Where I Can Be Me® team is particularly excited about the fact that today is International Children’s Book Day! Children’s books are a great way to introduce kids to the joys of reading and language, but they can also instill some great lessons about social skills. Check out the list we’ve put together of [...]

5 Tips To Help Your Child Be Funny, and Not Hurtful.

You probably know that today is April Fool’s Day, but what you may not realize is that variations of this holiday have been celebrated since the Roman Empire. When you think about it, it’s not really surprising that we continue to celebrate practical jokes, or that today kicks off National Humor Month-an entire month devoted [...]

Social Rules For Birthday Parties

Getting invited to a birthday party is something most children get pretty excited about. It’s easy to understand why this is. Being invited means being included, which is always better than the alternative. Plus, birthday parties are a great opportunity to socialize with peers in a fun, laid-back environment. Throw in pizza, cake, and party [...]