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Advice for parents

It is hard to imagine something more upsetting than seeing your child struggle to fit in. Most parents struggle to understand why something that comes so easily to most kids, evades theirs. The answer to that question, and many others, is in this category. By the way, you should also check out our tips for teens. It has tips, strategies, and advice that you can use to help your child—no matter his age.

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What are Social Skills?

If you want to know what social skills really are, and why they are so important, go here.

Social Skills Milestones ages 1-14.

These are some of the most important social milestones your child should be reaching between the ages of one and fourteen.

Get our Help

If your child is struggling socially, we can help. Check here for more information.

The Role of Listening in Friendships. Plus Listening-Milestones.

A common problem among children with social skills difficulties is lack of attention to what is being said. Not listening can make a child seem self-centered, and it can cause messages to be misinterpreted. Both these things make it difficult to make and keep friends. In order to be a good friend we have to [...]

10 Tips For Getting A Disorganized Child To Be Organized

disorganized child

Picture yourself around the time your child is leaving for school. Imagine that his bag isn’t packed, his homework is missing, and the school bus will be arriving any minute. Think of yourself finding the lost assignment and rushing your child out the door, only to realize that his lunch is still sitting on the [...]