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Tips for Teens

What you need to know about secrets.

Can you keep a secret?  That’s the question a lot of people ask before they share something personal. It could be about their crush, their relationship with another friend, or even an embarrassing moment they experienced during the school day. Regardless of what they’ve chosen to share, the fact that they want to share it [...]

Are you being “needy” or is this person not a good friend?

So you’ve been called needy, and you don’t understand why. You thought you had a good friend, but it turns out that the friend needs a bit of space. What happened? Believe it or not, even good friends need time apart. That doesn’t mean they don’t like each other, or that they don’t have fun [...]

Do they see you as a friend, or just a fan?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get to know a person better, especially if you see qualities in them you admire. You may appreciate someone’s talents, sense of humor, or interest in a topic you’re passionate about. And while these things can be great reasons to strike up a conversation, they don’t necessarily ensure that [...]

What to Do When You Can’t Relate to Your Peers

Do you ever feel like you can’t relate to your peers? Do you find that the thing everybody’s talking about just doesn’t interest you at all? Maybe it’s celebrities, or dating, or fashion. Maybe it’s sports, or the new reality show that all your classmates seem to find so addictive. Whatever it is, you probably [...]