And Now… She Moves

It is easy to miss changes in your kids. You see them everyday. You think you know what’s going on. But they change so fast it’s hard to keep up.

Just the other day Maya was a tiny newborn that didn’t move much. Now, if you try to stuff her in a 6month outfit she looks like a sausage, despite her being only 5 months old. And now she moves.

She has no problem grabbing things. I found that out the hard way. Who knew a baby could fling a cereal bowl that far? (It was full by the way.)

Anyway, there we sat. The table, the floor, Maya, Hogly Dog and I covered in “Honey Bunches of Oats” and milk. This was a big score for Hogly. We call her Hogly Dog for a reason. She will eat anything. And she was gobbling like there was no tomorrow.

Problem is she’s an allergy dog on a very strict diet. Any food outside her vet prescribed, special order, over priced, rabbit and potato kibble and she gets stomach issues and her hair falls out.

So what do I do? I can’t just kick Hogly off the food. She’s a persistent animal. She’ll keep coming back for more.

First I call Pishy Pants to help lessen Hogly’s intake of the high allergen food. When Pishy arrives Hogly growls. Pishy, then falls to her side and pees all over herself (that’s why we call her Pishy Pants.) Great, now I have cereal and dog pee to clean up.

Luckily the bouncy-seat was close by so I put Maya there. Maya promptly started screaming. That led to Pishy screaming. Apparently the crying hurts her ears. So when Maya cries, so does Pishy. And of course when Pishy screams, Pishy pees. This just keeps getting better.

Anyway, I did finally manage to fend Hogly off the cereal and get everything cleaned up. Luckily there weren’t any adverse reactions from Hogly’s morning binge.

Although Isa did want to know why the dogs’ hair was crunchy…

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