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It doesn’t matter if you are looking for your young child or your teen, finding the right help is never easy. It is doubly difficult when your child struggles socially. Anyone can claim to help kids make friends and maintain relationships, but few have the appropriate training and experience. We have both. My therapists are all board certified, and specialize in pragmatic language (social skills). That is part of the reason why the Where I Can Be Me® program has the reputation for being “the place where great kids make good friends.” It is also why it is the longest running program of its kind in Westchester. In this section you will discover some of the different ways we can help you and your child.

*Please note: These services are for those who live within driving distance of Briarcliff Manor, in
Westchester County NY. If you need long distance services, go here .

Our Services

Phone Consultation

Since you are reading this, I am sure you have a lot of questions. You may wonder if my program is right for your child; or, if another one may be. You may wonder if you even should be concerned. I get it. I have helped a lot of parents just like you. And I…

Initial Consultation

All children are different. Each has different needs, strengths, weaknesses, and interests. That is why you should never join a program, or sign up for services, without first having an Initial Consultation. This is the step that gives us a chance to discuss your concerns in depth, and allows me to observe your child’s social…

Individual Social Skills Therapy

While many children make great social strides in a group setting, it’s not uncommon for a child to need individual therapy to master the skills he needs to make friends and keep relationships. I sometimes recommend individual therapy if it seems the child will need some extra attention in order to reach his social goals….

Social Skills Groups

When a child is struggling socially, he needs a fun place he can go to develop his social skills without any fear of judgement. That’s exactly the type of environment we provide in our social skills groups. Children in the program are grouped together based on who they can learn the most from, and who…

Bully Prevention Services

If your child is being bullied then you know how ineffective, and often counterproductive, anti-bully programs are. They spend a lot of time defining bullying, promoting catchy slogans, and not doing anything to help your child to avoid being bullied. I know this because I have witnessed it firsthand. Kids who struggle socially are very…