Social Skills Therapy

We Offer Specialized Programs With Appropriate Placement for Children Ages 2-17

  • Boy groups. Girl groups. Teen groups. Groups based on the children’s needs, interests, age, gender and other important factors.
  • Evidence Based Approach. Measurable goals with ongoing improvements!
  • Program development for professionals, schools and other entities.
  • 5 week money-back guarantee! Try the program without risk or worry!

Imagine a place without worry, without judgment − a place where great kids can make good friends. That’s the idea behind our Where I Can Be Me® social skills program. Our board certified experts utilize a unique blend of behavior techniques, social-communication, music, art and social skills training to improve your child’s ability to make friends and maintain relationships.

We believe that children should have the opportunity to become their best selves. In other words we want to help your child develop an understanding of social situations so that he (or she) can apply his new skills in his everyday life.

Placement Matters… A Lot
We have developed a proprietary system called Facilitated Peer Modeling™. It is based on the fact that children learn best through modeling.

Among other things Facilitated Peer Modeling™ involves placing the children so that they balance each other. Within each of our social skills groups we want there to be similarities and differences. If all the children are too different then they cannot learn from one another because they cannot make a connection. If all the children are too similar they will not have appropriate behaviors to model.  So balance is a key to eliciting the behaviors we want to encourage and those we want to inhibit.

With that in mind your child will be placed in a class based on his or her needs.  We will not place your child in a class just because it is open. We will place your child with children who will help to bring out the best in one another.

How We Create Teachable Moments
Our instructors facilitate this through the creation of teachable moments. That is why we use art, play and other social activities. We want these moments to arise both naturally and through our facilitation of the process.  While there are various ways we can show the correct behavior it is more effective to illicit teachable moments from each of the children. As with all learning, “learning though experience” is an incredibly powerful way to achieve understanding.

There is a great deal more information about this program that we do not include on our website. So if you live in the NY Tristate area and are interested in joining our program, or if you would like to find out how else we can help your child, call 914-488-5282.

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Isa Marrs is the Founder and Executive Director of the Where I Can Be Me® social skills program. She is a board-certified speech-language pathologist who specializes in pragmatic language (social skills) disorders in children. Read More