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Here are a few comments some of our current and past members wanted to share with you. (note: we have removed all of the children’s names.)

My 7-year-old son has learned valuable social skills in his social skills group. We have seen huge improvements in his interactions with other children since he has been in the group. His teachers at school have noticed as well. He has shown improved inter-personal abilities, and he is less shy. He has the confidence now to meet and interact with children who are new to him.

Dr. Jill - Mt. Kisco, NY

My son has been coming regularly to a Saturday morning group. It has been a very positive experience for us. His therapists are wonderful and he has made huge progress within the class. He is made to feel totally welcomed and comfortable. He truly is part of a group here and I would happily recommend the programs and practice to anyone. “Where I Can Be Me” sums up perfectly the ethos of Isa Marrs. My son loves being here!

Ellen C.- Old Greenwich, CT

Where I Can Be Me has been a wonderful experience for my son. He made his first friend here at the first class. He loves coming to class and seeing his friends, and he has learned so much.

Liz V- Highland Mills, NY

We joined this group because my daughter was struggling with dealing with her peers in a socially appropriate way. This could mean not engaging with them, not reciprocating a hug from other girls, playing by herself at recess, not engaging in back-and-forth dialogue, needing to control a group, and becoming easily agitated and upset when she felt she was not being included. Over the last few months I have witnessed changes that have confirmed for me that I am on the right path, and that this group is making a difference. She is carrying over what she has learned and gaining the confidence to apply these skills to everyday situations. I do believe attending these groups consistantly gave her the skills she needed to make progress. It is an accepting, comforting atmosphere to role-play and learn the skills that just did not come naturally to her. It is money well spent, and I recommend it.

Jennifer V. - Somers, NY

We are very happy with the Where I Can Be Me program. We are new to the program, with our son attending weekly classes for the past two months. Even in that limited time, we have definitely seen some positive changes in him: he is more confident, less shy, and more willing to stick up for himself. We’ve also noticed a more balanced family dynamic at home, as his siblings cannot “push his buttons as easily,” and he commands more of a say in the outcome of potentially confrontational situations.

Maureen J.- South Salem, NY

Recently, my son started a new Where I Can Be Me class. Since he is going to be in camp for the summer, his longer day did not allow him to continue in the earlier class he has been in for almost two years. Isa called me after the class and said the later class was not the right fit for my son. I appreciated Isa’s candor. She did not charge me for the one class he had taken. Other therapists/teachers might have tried to make the best of a situation that was not right in order to collect on the cost of the class. Isa is not like that at all. She is all about the child, and doing what is best for the child. I have recommended Isa’s socialization class to many friends. I would only recommend the Where I Can Be Me program.

Michele N. - Chappaqua, NY

My son is 14 and has been coming to the Where I Can Be Me program for 6 years. The program has grown to accommodate him and the other teens. He is currently in a social skills group with three other teenage boys and two teenage girls. His therapy leader is excellent! She targets individual skills for each student to work on, and builds those skills into group activities. She also plans appropriate trips for the students to go on so they can practice social skills in real life settings. I have been a second grade teacher for 25 years, and I have been very pleased with the quality of services my son has received in Isa’s program. Thank you!

Eileen P.- Pleasantville, NY

This class was a great help in getting my daughter to socialize, and feel comfortable speaking around her peers. Before coming to the class she was quiet around her peers, but since she started taking the class, she has begun to be more comfortable and talkative while playing with other kids. The teacher is absolutely wonderful and is amazing when working with all the kids. She is very professional and available at any time to discuss your child’s progress, and is very good at getting the kids excited to play.

Krista R.- Eastchester, NY

We’ve been coming to this group for almost 2 years. My son really enjoys coming and feels very comfortable. The therapist is wonderful with the kids. She is very compassionate and patient.

Michele M.- Mahopac, NY

We are very happy with the progress my son has made at Where I Can Be Me. The small class size provides him with a safe environment in which he can practice his social skills, to then generalize for the playground, the bus stop, etc. His self-confidence has improved significantly over the last few months. He looks forward to the fun class activities!

Kate G.- Yorktown, NY

My son loves coming to Where I Can Be Me. He feels comfortable and loves the kids in his group. We receive updates, and work on what he has learned in the group all week. His therapist is amazing!

Mireille M.- Bedford Corners, NY

I absolutely LOVED the social skills classes my 10-year-old son participated in, and his one-on-one speech therapy sessions. The classes helped him to open up, and become more comfortable communicating and interacting with the other children. I enrolled him in speech therapy, as well, over the summer months so he would not regress in learning, and he learned how to focus and be more expressive. Others have told me they saw a difference in his accomplishments. I was very happy with the results. Isa Marrs and her staff are great with the children, and are great communicators with the parents as well.

Salina S.- Yonkers, NY

As a result of the “Where I Can Be Me” class, My son has become more social with his peers at school. He is starting to use language more appropriately. He is functioning better in a small group setting (i.e. 10 -11 kids). He expresses himself more than what he did before. He enjoys and looks forward to coming to the class on Saturday’s. He told me he likes the games that they play and his friends.

Debra E.- Cortlandt Manor, NY

This group has been great for my son. He has been progressing nicely and his teacher has even noticed the difference. He initiates social play at school and he even has longer more expressive conversations.

Pat M.- Yorktown Heights, NY

We have been so very very happy with your program. As parents it’s very exciting to work with instructors who “Get” our child! His therapist has been wonderful! Our son really loves to go to class. Your program has reinforced his confidence, skills, and positive behavior.The feedback emails have been very helpful. Not only do they answer questions that we would have asked but they point out behaviors that we need to reinforce. We recommend this program to anyone who is looking! We love it! More importantly our son does!! We have noticed the positive changes! Thank you!

Laurie W.- Cortlandt Manor, NY

Our son has moved forward in social & language skills at a solid pace through his experience. We are so happy with this program and recommend to children who need to develop stronger social & language skills.

Lisa R.- Briarcliff Manor, NY

My son loves coming to class each week. He is always excited to see his friends and can’t wait to see what project they are going to do next. The art foundation to the program is a wonderful non-competitive, non-threatening basis for building social skills. He leaves each week with a smile on his face, filled with pride and a sense of accomplishment. I really appreciate the weekly emails summarizing the group and his individual progress and/or challenges.

Jennifer S.- Bedford, NY

Knowing that all the children in the class are in similar stages of social ability is of great comfort to me. The class provides a supportive setting in which my son can try out his developing language abilities without worrying about being overpowered or drowned out by children whose language and social skills are more advanced than his.

Robert F.- Bedford, NY

I have to say we are very pleased with the program. My son really loves attending the program. Here he gets to play with other children and learn from them in a group setting. He is very comfortable and has made progress with his skills. I have made the right decision sending him to this very special class. I know he looks forward to all his friends and fun each week. He is getting his much needed therapy while he is having a great time.

G. P.- Valhalla, NY